In preparation to the 2017 IN-Security conference organised by Hamuhsim, we published a booklet bringing together texts from different activists about Israel’s arms industry.

Why did we resist?

Because the Israeli military industries market products and technologies as proven in the battle that is the occupation. Because before the blood dries, the companies presenting in the expo and the Ministry of Defense showcase their success in oppressing civilian population in “asymmetrical warfare” in an expo like this one and make billions. Because the Israeli military industries market, sale and coordinate arms deals to conflict zones around the world. Because the arms, technology and military training are often used in genocides, massacre and oppression of civil resistance. Because the Israeli military industries pollute the environment and the ground, often without accountability. Because the Israeli military industries profit from violence against women. Because the military industries make war and aggression second nature within Israeli society. Because all of our taxes go to arms trading, in a severe lack of transparency on behalf of the ministry of defense.

Our resistance to the occupation is anti-militarism. We insist on our right to re-define our security.

Click this link to read the full 50 Years of Exporting document.