INsecurity is an alternative to ISDEF arms expo held during the same time in Tel Aviv Convention Center. The arms expo hosts representatives from all over the world, eager to hear about the Israeli military industries, about asymmetrical warfare and killing technologies; about how Israeli law enforcement methods maintain authority and order; and about their export of arms to conflict zones without actual supervision.

This year’s conference, “INsecurity | The Military Industries Shadow Conference,” highlighted feminist and civil notions of security.

Among the Speakers:  Adv. Eitay Mack, activist working to expose the Israeli arms export * Binalakshmi Nepram, Founder, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network and Secretary General of Control Arms Foundation of India * Terry Crawford-Browne, a former investment banker who worked to implement the financial sanctions on Apartheid South Africa and a corruption and arms deals exposing activist * Activists from protest movements in Colombia, Black Lives Matter in the US, UK, Argentina, Bosnia and more.