As the Antimilitarist Colectiva La Tulpa, we have centered our work in the resistance against militarism and the militarization. We know that the Palestinian people has suffered the force of a historical colonialism and racism based on militarism as an ideology, and neoliberalism as a political- economic structure. For this reason, we believe that “The States of Colombia and Israel maintain military cooperation processes and an armed race as an expression of the neoliberal war business. A neoliberal war that faces a resistance, in both Israel and Colombia, coinciding in the struggles for dignity and demilitarization of bodies, territories and life .”

The military cooperation between Colombia and Israel has historically been strengthen by two principal backgrounds :

1) The recognized Galil rifles that were initially fabricated in Israel and were modernized by the Colombian arms company INDUMIL for official use in the armed conflict.

2) The case of Yair Klein, who is a dangerous Israeli mercenary that trained Paramilitaries in the Magdalena Medio, Antioquia and Urabá regions in the 80’s and has avoided for almost sixteen years the Colombian justice. The retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) formed these paramilitary groups, which have worked in articulation with the public forces of Colombia with dirty war methods that include kidnapping operations, torture, force disappearance, massacres and psychological terror. Since the second decade of the XXI century, Israel seems to be the second armament supplier for Colombia. According to the BDS movement in Colombia, in 2012, 49.6% of all imports from Israel to Colombia were arms and military equipment (manufactured products of high value). Likewise, currently, there is the possibility of a Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and Israel for $700 million dollars. According to BDS Colombia, the imports from Israel to Colombia will focus on the military sector as the third best positioned sector to grow with the FTA .

An additional aspect from this big war business between both countries is materialized in the different versions of a military fair known in Colombia as “Expodefensa”, which in the 2015 version, Israel sent 17 companies. A similar event takes place during these days in Israeli territory. Because of this, such


institutional and business relations are crossed by an economy of war and by the participation of a series of banks that we should explore. Some of the companies that fit within this circuit are BIRD AEROSYSTEMS LTDA, Drone manufacturer for intelligence operations and airplane protection against air missiles, and Elbit systmes one of the biggest profiteers of the wars on Gaza .

Even though we are not experts in the Middle East, we act in solidarity with the Palestinian people. For example, the reporting of the transnational companies which provide private security services and with Israeli capital, like it is the case of G4S which in Colombia has a vast presence in multiple commercial establishments, residences, among many more other actions .

Finally, we believe that as the Colombian and Israeli States do, in a very wisely way, it is necessary to prompt processes to share information, research and resistance actions between the social movements of Colombia, Israel and Palestine in order to face the militarization processes that are imposed. While there is a wealth of women movements from these peoples, that mobilize against militarism, militarization and are against the mandatory military service, there is still a need to lead efforts to confront scenarios of social control that presupposed the military and police intelligence where this military cooperation plays a fundamental role.

Colectiva La Tulpa Focuses on resistance to militarism and militarization, Colombia.