For 30 years a vicious civil war went on in Sri Lanka between the government ruled by the Sinhalese majority in the country, against rebel organizations from the Tamil minority. All parties committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and gross violations of Human Rights during this war. In the last five months of the war alone, between 40,000 and 75,000 thousand civilians, the majority of which killed by state forces.

The state forces killed and harmed civilians unlawfully systematically, executed without trial fighters of the LTTE rebel group, disappeared, tortured and raped civilians, used child soldiers and used intentional starvation and prevention of humanitarian aid as tools of war.


The Israeli connection:

According to multiple reports, Israel exported arms to different sides of the conflict at different time (as was the case in Colombia and Angola).

Unlike in the case of the genocide in Rwanda, there the Israeli export of arms was unlawful and immoral, but did not have a major role in the genocide itself, in Sri Lanka, Israeli arms played a major role in the crimes that took place. Israel transferred drones that lead Israeli maid planes and war ships, which intentionally bombed civilian and humanitarian targets. These bombings and their heavy price in human lives, were key in the victory of the state forces.  

One of the more infamous cases of this was the use of Israel Kfir fighter-jets on August 14th 2006. The Sri Lankan air force uses the Israeli planes to bomb an orphanage, home to 400 girls, that the state claimed received training from LTTE. Approximately 60 girls were killed, and dozens more injured.

One of the people responsible for war crimes was the Sri Lankan Chief of Staff of the military, Donald Ferera, became ambassador to Israel with his retirement from the military, and has time and time again declared his support for the government of Israel.